They say necessity is the mother of invention, and Rosy Glow Beauty Company is no exception! The idea came to me when my daughter was just a few months old, and I saw a great need for products that addressed the very special needs of new moms. Dry lips, tired eyes, a neglected complexion, and unwashed hair were plaguing my days. I searched for gentle or chemical-free products that could solve these problems and came up empty. I saw the need for these innovative products, and so the Rosy Glow Beauty Company was born. The products are without synthetic dyes or fragrances, so moms can feel good about what they are putting on themselves. They are also botanically-based to offer the most pampering and soothing ingredients on the planet. So enjoy them, and know they were created to bring help and, we hope, a welcome respite from your overloaded days. We will continue to create new and innovative products that will help you get your glow back™!

Margo Hertzfeld
President and Founder, Rosy Glow Beauty Company