Rosy Glow Beauty Company debuts third product in innovative line, offers ultimate gift set for new moms

WHITEHOUSE, OH – June 19, 2008 – Rosy Glow Beauty Company unveils its third mom-focused product today – Baby Your Face facial treatment wipes.

The wipes are the latest addition to the first beauty and personal care product line developed specifically to treat the special beauty needs of new moms. Baby Your Face facial treatment wipes solve a true beauty dilemma for a new mom – no energy to wash her face before bed.

Baby Your Face is an all-natural and biodegradable wipe that will gently yet effectively clean even the most sensitive complexion. The wipes include such highly effective botanicals as organic Bulgarian rosewater for a soothing cleanse, and moringa seed extract, a natural antioxidant for protection against pollutants and environmental stress.

“How I wish I had had these when my daughter was first born!” said Margo Hertzfeld, president and founder of Rosy Glow Beauty Company, and a new mom herself. “They would have been a welcome relief for my skin, and given me a little more sleep time, too!”

Rosy Glow Beauty now offers a gift set that is a new mother’s beauty trifecta – a washable cosmetic bag with the first three signature products tucked inside:

  • Rosy Glow Lips, a tinted lip treatment that plumps and moistens
  • Get Your Glow Back Eyes, a refreshing and flattering eye cream
  • Baby Your Face wipes.

“Because everyone tells a new moms she should ‘sleep when the baby sleeps,’ we’ve also added a wonderful spa-quality sleep mask to the gift set for those much needed naps during the day,” said Hertzfeld. “I see this as the kindest gift you can give a new mom; a way for them to feel like a woman while they deal with all the stresses of new motherhood.”

One additional product - a hair refresher – will be added to the product line by the end of 2008, as well as another variation on the Rosy Glow Beauty gift set.

Rosy Glow Beauty Company Launches a First:
Beauty Products Created just for New Moms

WHITEHOUSE, OH – May 1, 2008 – Rosy Glow Beauty Company has launched its new line with two all-natural Get Your Glow Back™ products. Developed by a new mother, this is the first personal care product line created to treat the special beauty needs of new moms.

An entrepreneur, makeup artist and new mom herself, Rosy Glow founder Margo Hertzfeld was inspired to create the Rosy Glow line after the birth of her daughter in 2005. Enduring sleepless nights and focusing on a new baby first (and herself last), Margo had dark under-eye circles and dry, dehydrated lips. Unable to find the kind of easy-to-use, all-natural products she craved, she decided to develop them herself.

"Looking good is a spirit-booster for all women, but new moms rarely have the luxury of taking time for themselves." said Hertzfeld. "I developed these products to deliver immediate relief from under-eye darkness and dehydrated lips. Rosy Glow is dedicated to making new moms feel pampered and cared for...just like their babies."

The Rosy Glow Web site launches today with two signature products:

  • Get Your Glow Back Eyes - a soothing solution for the dry, puffy and dark under eye area.
  • Rosy Glow Lips - a moisturizing and plumping tinted lip balm.

Both products have no synthetic dyes or fragrances, delivering benefit with botanicals and organic ingredients.

"At Rosy Glow, pampering new mothers and natural products go hand in hand," Hertzfeld explains. "As they should be, consumers are more conscious than ever about what they put in and on their bodies. Rosy Glow's natural products, with no synthetic dyes or fragrances, means a new mom - or any woman for that matter - can feel good about putting them on her face."

Two additional products – facial wipes and a hair refresher – will be added to the product line later this spring, along with gift sets.

About Rosy Glow Beauty Company
Rosy Glow Beauty Company was founded to help new mothers feel better about themselves as they care for their newborns. Rosy Glow offers innovative and all-natural products for stressed-out moms by delivering effective products specifically designed for the new mother and her unique personal and cosmetic needs. Their products make moms feel good about pampering themselves.

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